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Due to COVID-19 we are currently only providing a small number of face to face peer support groups which are via appointment only.

The Anthony Seddon Centre is open from 10:30am – 3pm during the week and reception is contactable in between those times: reception@tasfund.org.uk or 0161 376 4439. Contact us for further information or to book in.

Please Note: The centre is closed for lunch between 12noon and 1:00pm, though reception is contactable during this time.

TASFund Logo

We are a Peer Support Mental Health Charity, providing a safe environment for you to come and chat.
We cannot offer counselling or therapy but what we can do is offer a friendly, welcoming environment and listen extremely well, plus we make a great cup of tea!

In the event of a crisis, please use one of the contacts on our Crisis Support Page. Thank you!

Anthony Seddon

Anthony Seddon

Anthony was a lovely, warm young man with a brilliant sense of humour and a smile that could light up a room. He was popular, energetic and intelligent, but sadly struggled with bi-polar disorder from the age of 18.

Anthony struggled with a 12-year battle with the disorder, during which, he was constantly in and out of hospital, sometimes struggling to cope with the debilitating side effects of strong medications.

Anthony died by suicide on 31st March 2013. He was just 30 years old.

The Anthony Seddon Centre - Photo Credit Tameside Radio

The Anthony Seddon Centre

Anthony’s family struggled to access adequate support in the aftermath of his death and vowed to continue his legacy by helping others in similar situations and by educating the wider population about mental health.

This has grown into what it is The Anthony Seddon Fund today, through the sheer hard work and determination of Anthony’s family and all the dedicated volunteers through the last 7 years. If you’d like to see our journey from the start, please check out Our Journey Page.

The Aims of The Anthony Seddon Fund

  • Advance awareness and educate the general public, in particular children and young people, in all areas relating to mental health and well-being.
  • Improve the quality of life of those affected by mental health issues, their families, friends and carers in Tameside by promoting their physical and mental health through support, education, practical advice and signposting to other local services.
  • Work alongside a wide variety of other organisations and agencies to help us to meet these objectives.

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